Working in Germany without speaking German

Because of the language barrier, English speakers may experience some difficulty when trying to find a job in Germany. This however, doesn’t mean that there aren’t jobs available for people who haven’t yet managed to master the German language or for others who are looking at moving to Germany with little or no language experience. Depending on what specialty you are considering, may determine just how easy or hard your quest is to find a job in your field.

Native English speakers who have relocated to Berlin express a higher difficulty in the work market than those who have relocated to places like Frankfurt and Munich. Though Berlin is a fairly large city, the job market here for both native Germans and non-natives is a tricky one. Berlin still has a certain hype to it and thus, many people make Berlin their first choice when moving to or within Germany causing the job market to be a tad bit crammed. There are a lot of jobs, but perhaps a larger amount of job seekers resulting in a deficit. Provided you are adamant to get to Berlin and be able to finance your way of life through working there, consider making use of the available job portals as well as getting in touch with any Berlin contacts you may have in order to acquire as much knowledge as possible.

Frankfurt is the finance capital of German and hosts the largest international airport in Germany. The job market there may be a bit more in favour of the English speaking crowd compared to Berlin. With lots of companies looking for English speakers in a variety of departments Frankfurt is a great option to consider.

Munich, like Frankfurt tends to have numerous jobs opened to English speakers. In general the unemployment rate in Munich is very low, substantially lower than Berlin for example. The majority of jobs available to English speakers in Munich are within the Information Technology sectors. These are usually very well paying jobs, a vast amount of which are offered by renowned international companies.

For more information on job openings consider the following sites:







Unskilled jobs available to native English speakers:

·         babysitting/nanny

·         delivery driver

·         cleaning

·         bar tending

·         tutoring

·         telemarketing

·         check in assistant (airport)

Skilled jobs available to native English speakers:

·         IT tech

·         Secretary

·         Journalist

·         English correspondent

·         Teacher

·         Translator

Don’t be turned off if you can’t find something immediately or if you don’t get accepted to the first job you apply for. There are many jobs out there suited for you and even if it means taking something temporary while you brush up on your German skills, think about it as an opportunity rather than a setback. You’ll more than likely make new friends and get a better knack for the language. The key is to never give up, stay confident, enroll in a German class, build up your resume and soon enough you’ll be able to apply for any job with confidence. 


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