Cost of Living – How to Budget in Austria

The most common question asked when people start thinking about relocating to a new country is “how much will it cost there?” Most expats moving to Europe will be aware that prices are likely different to their home country, especially those moving from the US. It can be overwhelming to understand the cost conversion into […]

Stay Connected – Internet Communications in Austria

Staying connected to friends and family on the other side of the globe is important when you first move to Austria. The easiest way to do this is via the Internet. There are a wide range of Internet providers and it’s relatively easy to get connected. In the meantime most hotels, restaurants and especially all McDonalds’ have […]

Transferring Funds – How to do International Money Transfers to/from Austria

When you relocate to another country, one task you will likely be faced with are international money transfers.  Of course you will need to have an Austrian bank account set up before you can complete a transfer, but this is an easy process in itself. International wire transfers that can be completed from your home bank to […]

They can be taught – A guide to Austria’s Education System

 After completing my education in South Africa and starting my journey into the world of job seeking in London, I remember constantly hearing the phrase “I am sorry but you do not have enough experience in this job field”. I would turn away wondering how on earth I am supposed to get any experience if […]

License and Registration Please – Austrian Driving Regulations

Given that Austria has an exceptional public transport system, residents living in major cities rarely invest in a vehicle. However, for those wanting the freedom to occasionally escape the city life, a vehicle may be quite useful. Whether you rent or buy is something to consider, but either way you will need to know the driving regulations […]

Visas and Required Documents for Austrian Expats

It is always important to review the visa requirements and documents you will need for your new country of residence. The first step in this journey is to ensure that you have an up to date passport and you know what visa you will apply for. European citizens do not require a visa to enter, live […]

A guide to International Schools in Austria

When I first moved to Austria I had never heard about International schools. I was working in a bar and came across a group of 6 year olds hanging around in the back of the bar (yes you can drink certain types of alcohol in Austria when you are 6). I remember this young lady […]

Austria’s TV Guide

Over recent decades, television has seen incredible changes. In the age of technology there are now numerous options for viewing pleasure. Austria is no exception to these changes, with file sharing and streaming sites now taking over. Expats will likely find that TV in Austria is not the same as their home country, especially considering that most […]

Nightlife and Entertainment in Austria

If you are heading out for the evening, Austria is home to some of the most unique and elegant style venues. Whether you are seeking a play, live music or just a few drinks with friends, there is fun to be had by all. Here are some entertainment and nightlife suggestions you can pick from in Austria.  […]

Relocating your pets to Austria

Many expats are faced with the difficult task of not only relocating their family to another country, but also their furry family members too. So how does one approach such a task when they aren’t aware of the regulations of the new country? Here are a few tips for a successful transfer of mans best friend.  Before […]

How to Rent an Apartment in Austria

I was always told that looking online was the best way to find a property to rent in Austria, but from personal experience the properties are not always what they seem from the pictures and descriptions. It is advisable first to speak to friends who live in the area, as personal relationships have paired me […]

Austria’s Real Estate Guide

As one of the countries that felt not even a seismic financial ripple in its real estate market, Austria is an investors dream. This is unfortunately the opposite for those looking to get into the Austrian housing market. Expats should be aware that the average prices of homes in Austria are generally more than in their country […]