DSL Internet service providers in Germany

Having found an apartment in Germany there are quite a few things you’ll need in order to feel settled in. You’ve probably already bought furniture or rented them from a furniture rental company. The electricity and gas have been taken care of. But now, instead of having to use your phone’s data plan for internet, you looking at […]

Finding the Perfect Apartment or House

There are several ways in which you can find rental housing in Germany. The first thing to note is that furnished apartments and houses are few and far between. These rentals are favored by German locals and are much more expensive than unfurnished options. A great way to find your housing is through online exchanges like ImmobilienScout24. There are also provision-free (no […]

International Schools Bonn

One of the great things about living in Bonn is the existence of phenomenal education. Many expats dread the change that will overcome their child when uprooting and integrating into the German society. With a large number of expatriate children having no German language experience prior to moving to Germany, school can be a scary […]

Buying furniture in Innsbruck

When expats move to Innsbruck, many first consider paying the nearest IKEA a visit. However, there is no need for that. While IKEA sure offers great quality and an experience coupled with a decent price, there are plenty of other options for furniture shoppers in Innsbruck. Some of the best options in Innsbruck are listed […]

Finding Banks that Offer Online Banking in English

Dealing with banks is not always easy, and dealing with anything when there is a language barrier makes whatever it is you are dealing with a whole lot more difficult. So, if you are moving to Germany, you may want to do a little bit of research to find which bank is best suited for […]

Buying furniture in Bonn

How soon do you need your furniture? This is one of the questions that you will have to ask yourself before deciding on a furniture store. If you are adamant to furnish your home with the best pieces, ones that you wholeheartedly love and want the furniture that you buy to last you throughout the […]

Dual Citizenship- Germany/United States of America

German citizenship, American citizenship or both? There are a few circumstances under which one may obtain both American and German citizenship. These Include: Being born to an American parent and a German parent Being born in the United States and having a German parent Being born in Germany and having an American parent Being German, […]

Dealing with Issues with Cell Phone Contracts

Moving to another country is scary and fun and exciting. There are a lot of responsibilities that you have to take care of though, in between exploring your new hometown and getting started in your new job. One of those responsibilities is getting a cell phone. After you move to Germany, you are going to have […]

Buying furniture in Heidelberg

Are you moving to Heidelberg? Congratulations, it’s such a fun and exciting city that’s full of life. One of the things that you can’t forget is that you’ll need to furnish your home. Granted, with all the beauty that the city has to offer, you’re probably wondering why on earth you’ll need to furnish, after […]

Buying furniture in Zürich

Zürich is a wonderful city in Switzerland. With its approximately 370,000 inhabitants, it is the largest city in Switzerland. Every year it gets voted to be one of the cities with the highest living standards in both Europe and the world. Naturally, there are also some brilliant choices when it comes to decorating and furnishing […]

Buying furniture in Paderborn

The shipping times on furniture in Germany can be seen as somewhat as a disaster. Especially when you’re going through a sudden move to Paderborn and are thus faced with the necessity to start from scratch with furnishing a new apartment, the last thing that you’ll want to hear is that it may take months […]

Exchanging a U.S. Driver’s Licenses For a German License

Driving in Germany can be exciting with the cities and beautiful landscapes. However, proper driving licenses are still required but may be simpler to acquire than previously thought. Exchanging a Driver’s License A driver’s license already acquired in one of the nations in the European Union is already accepted as a driver’s license in Germany. There is […]