GEZ Inspectors, TV, and Radio License Check-ups

The GEZ in Germany is one of those things that is dreaded. People stand at their doors refusing to open them in fear that on the next side is someone asking if they have a TV or radio. There are all these stories about the GEZ camping out in front of doors, listening hard to […]

Television and Radio Options in Germany

With advances in technology, there are multiple forms of entertainment available to the general public. One that has upgraded, rather than having gone out of style, is television. People are now able to watch television from anywhere, on multiple platforms, and have an extensive amount of channels, options, and programs available. If you bring your […]

Television and Radio in Germany

Television and radio are both similar and different from the American varieties. When you use radio, television or internet services you must register with GEZ (Gebühreneinzugszentrale). The cost is around 8 euros per month. Anytime you purchase a TV in Germany, you are required to provide the address of the location where it will be used,and the retailer will notify the […]

GEZ seems unfair

GEZ stands for Gebühreneinzugszentrale which is responsible for the public broadcasting of television and radio, internet, that sort of thing. A lot of people find the concept of paying for these services a little or rather, more than a little ridiculous. English speaking natives argue that German television is the farthest thing from their interest and they’d […]

Instantly Streaming Content on your Apple TV in Germany

When it comes to streaming content on the internet, the country you are in can change what you can or cannot watch. For example, Hulu and Netflix are both not yet available in Germany. Apple TV is a unique entity on its own. Apple TV Apple TV does not allow you to purchase or rent […]