Being a Part of Germany’s Amazing Recycling Effort

Germany has put a lot of effort into recycling in order to do its part for the environment. This recycling effort has drastically reduced the amount of garbage produced in the country. By understanding some of the basics of the recycling process in Germany, any Germanresident can participate and do their part. Green Dot System One part […]

A Guide to Germany’s Wine District

Germany offers some of the most decadent wines in the world. Taking a trip to the wine districts in Germany is definitely worth a trip. Apart from being able to expand your palate and experience the sensational delight of sweet wines creating a firework of aroma for your taste buds, visiting the wine districts will open up […]

Churches and Religious Activities in Germany

Religion is important to many, and if you are a part of a religious group, you will certainly not want to miss out on your Sunday mass or whatever other means you need to practice your religion. When moving to Germany, it is natural that one may worry about not being able to practice their […]

English Theaters in Frankfurt

Frankfurt & Darmstadt English LanguageTheater Frankfurt is not blessed with as many English language theater options as some of the other cities in Germany. The Turmpalast was once the only theater that regularly screened movies in English,however, it has since been torn down. The other option is the Cines Star Metropolis at Eschenheimer Tor in Frankfurt. For […]

High Times in Lower Bavaria

Lower Bavaria has three main cities which each has a character of its own. The areas include Passau, which is located in the southeastern part of Lower Bavaria, in the southwestern region there is Landshut, and last but by no means least Straubing, located in the north central area. What to look out for in these cities: […]

Best Burger Restaurants in Frankfurt

Everyone loves a big juicy burger that drips with deliciousness as you bite in. There are some things that people crave when they leave home, burgers are one of them. Being able to find a place that competes with that one place at home that makes the ‘best’ burgers is something people find a little […]

Germany’s Luxury Outlet Shopping

After moving to a new country, it is beneficial to find ways to relax, unwind, and pamper yourself. One way to accomplish that is through shopping. You get to walk around, take in the sights of this new and fascinating place, and you get to treat yourself to whatever foods and items strike your fancy. It […]

Trendy, Unique, and Interesting Hotels in Berlin

Germany’s capital has become quite the hot spot for visitors of every caliber. One of the things that make Berlin so unique is its artistic crowd. When you have a city with a trendy and artistic population, you are bound to get some interesting hotel options for your next visit to Berlin. Ranging from five-star, […]

Festivals and Fun in Germany

Germany has such a vibrant culture that is active in some way or the other all year round. While in Germany, ensure that you take the time out to be apart of the festivity and have fun, German-style. When most people think about Germany, they think about the beer, the mouth-wateringly sensational flavor of the rich liquid that’s imported […]

Getting married in Germany

Getting married in Germany is not as simple as signing a pieces of paper and riding off on a white horse. There’s nothing like the skipping of town to tie the knot in a cozy little chapel with someone who makes you squint twice to figure out if Elvis really is alive or not. There are lots […]

The Best Restaurants in Frankfurt

Frankfurt has a large number of restaurants, bars, cafes and bistros which offer a wide range of international and local cuisine. Lohninger features Austrian traditional and international cuisine from award winning Chef Mario Lohninger. A more casual option is the 22nd Lounge Bar & Restaurant, with a skyline view of Frankfurt from the 22nd floor. Kamehamea Suites offers traditional Austrian cuisine in […]

Individual and Local Sports in Germany

Leading a healthy lifestyle is something that we all want to do. It starts with designing our meals a little differently and taking on a new sport, or just going out for a jog every once in a while. Once you’ve moved to Germany there’s no doubt that you’ll want to continue being fit and […]