Churches and Religious Activities in Germany

Religion is important to many, and if you are a part of a religious group, you will certainly not want to miss out on your Sunday mass or whatever other means you need to practice your religion. When moving to Germany, it is natural that one may worry about not being able to practice their […]

The Accompanying Spouses’ Support Club

Leaving your native country and moving to Germany or any other foreign location for that matter is never easy. There’s the packing, the traveling, the settling in and not to mention the friends, or lack thereof. Sometimes that’s the part that is missed the most. Sure, you perhaps had all these plans of going to the cafe […]

Clubs and Organizations in Germany

In order to truly feel at home in Germany, there are quite a few things that you may need. Friends, and feeling like you belong to a community is one of those things. Just because you are in Germany, doesn’t mean that you will have to abandon your English fully in order to take on […]

Germany and Its Diverse Religious Landscape

Many immigrants will find the religion they are accustomed to back home in many of the cities of Germany. Germany has a diverse religious landscape. With a long history, there are various different places available for worship. Plenty of information is easily found online, but below are some resources for the more populated religions. Given […]