Being a Part of Germany’s Amazing Recycling Effort

Germany has put a lot of effort into recycling in order to do its part for the environment. This recycling effort has drastically reduced the amount of garbage produced in the country. By understanding some of the basics of the recycling process in Germany, any Germanresident can participate and do their part. Green Dot System One part […]

Getting married in Germany

Getting married in Germany is not as simple as signing a pieces of paper and riding off on a white horse. There’s nothing like the skipping of town to tie the knot in a cozy little chapel with someone who makes you squint twice to figure out if Elvis really is alive or not. There are lots […]

Maternity Allowance in Germany

In Germany, expecting mothers receive what is known as Mutterschaftsgeld. This is maternity pay, and is  applicable for those who are six weeks from their due date and lasts up until eight weeks after the actual birth. This is just one of many benefit received by mothers. It’s a great part of the system that eases […]

Finding Domestic Help in Germany

There are many reasons one may opt for getting someone to help with chores in the household. Perhaps you have a lot of children, or just had a baby and can’t seem to find the time in the day to empty the dishwasher or tidy up the pantry. Perhaps you work too much and there […]

American and International companies in Munich

Being a financial hub means that, Munich, Germany’s third largest city, has quite the variety of jobs to offer. It is one of the top places for expat relocation and has earned the title of the 4th most livable city. With such an abundance of jobs, and career opportunities it is important to note that though the primary […]

The Postal Service in Germany

Being away from home, you’ll surely want to send letters or postcards back to your loved ones to let them know what a splendid time you’re having in Germany. Thankfully postal services exist. And when it comes to the German postal service, you will not be disappointed. Apart from the most popular postal service in […]

Get Paid to Make Babies in Germany

An issues that Germany has been dealing with is a very low birth rate of about .3 births per woman. Because of this, politicians are looking for ways to encourage families to have more children, in order to better balance the birth to mortality ratio. One way to boost that ratio is to offer a monetary incentive […]

Giving Birth While Living In Germany

Having a baby is the easy part, dealing with the medical system and the paperwork after the birth are what make the process of having a baby in Germany a little bit on the difficult side. To start, it would be beneficial to learn at least a little bit of German, as most medical staff […]

Paying Taxes in Germany

If an expatriate living in Germany is going to work in Germany, they may be subject to German income taxes. Paying taxes in Germany is similar to paying taxes in the United States. Throughout the year, income tax is deducted from an individual’s salary and paid by the employer to the German tax office. Then, […]