German Sports Clubs and Other ways to Get Out and Work Out

After the big move to Germany, after getting started in your new job, after settling into your new home, you may take that deep breath and realize that you are not sure what to do next. Next, you need to get out there and integrate yourself into your new community. While you are integrating yourself, […]

Canceling a gym membership

Canceling gym memberships as well as many other contracts in Germany can be rather tricky. Many contracts consist of clauses that state that a resignation needs to be transmitted via mail at least three months prior to the desired termination date of the contract. If such resignation is not sent at least three months before, […]

Gyms and Sports Clubs in Munich

Though Munich has some great running routes where you can put on your sneakers and enjoy the fresh air and summer breeze during your run, there’s nothing like breaking a sweat in the gym. Especially during the colder months of the year, you’ll want somewhere indoors as the weather may be a tad bit more than unbearable […]