A Guide to Germany’s Wine District

Germany offers some of the most decadent wines in the world. Taking a trip to the wine districts in Germany is definitely worth a trip. Apart from being able to expand your palate and experience the sensational delight of sweet wines creating a firework of aroma for your taste buds, visiting the wine districts will open up […]

Trendy, Unique, and Interesting Hotels in Berlin

Germany’s capital has become quite the hot spot for visitors of every caliber. One of the things that make Berlin so unique is its artistic crowd. When you have a city with a trendy and artistic population, you are bound to get some interesting hotel options for your next visit to Berlin. Ranging from five-star, […]

Festivals and Fun in Germany

Germany has such a vibrant culture that is active in some way or the other all year round. While in Germany, ensure that you take the time out to be apart of the festivity and have fun, German-style. When most people think about Germany, they think about the beer, the mouth-wateringly sensational flavor of the rich liquid that’s imported […]

High Times in Lower Bavaria

Lower Bavaria has three main cities which each has a character of its own. The areas include Passau, which is located in the southeastern part of Lower Bavaria, in the southwestern region there is Landshut, and last but by no means least Straubing, located in the north central area. What to look out for in these cities: […]

Some Little Known and Interesting ‘Hidden Gems’ in Germany

There are so many places to see in Germany. Of course there are the popular tourist attraction like the Neuschwanstein, the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin wall and all the government buildings in Berlin. But what about those places that are tucked away and seemingly untouched? They too, exist in Germany. So on your next vacation […]

Oktoberfest and Other Festivals in Germany

If there is one thing to be excited about with your move to Germany, it should be the many amazing festivals that take place throughout the year. Here is a list of some of the many festivals that you have to look forward to, and should not miss out on, while you are living in […]

Airports in Germany

With duty free shops, excellent restaurants and cafes as well as a gang of other shops where you can stroll through and purchase lots of goodies before you have to board the plane to your much awaited vacation, German airports offer everything you need to prevent your waiting period from being a bore. Frankfurt is Germany’s busiest […]

Places to visit in Karlsruhe

Relocating to Karlsruhe?  Take the strain out of moving and let us furnish your home while you and your family take in the sights!  Spend more time checking out the world famous Karlsruhe Palace and less time scouring the Internet for the perfect furniture.  Not only will the pros here at Furniture Leasing Corporation find […]

Touring More of the Countryside in Germany

In between going to festivals, shopping, and trying all the different and wonderful beers that Germany has to offer, you can take time to explore the greener parts of Germany. The country that is so famed for its festivals is also filled with beautiful and majestic places to visit. Take the opportunity to get some […]

Excitement and Fun – Theme Parks in Germany

Sometimes a vacation is more enjoyable when it is a good combination of relaxation and excitement. Germany has many wonderful theme parks that offer just that. While you are living in Germany, you may want to take a short vacation, maybe a weekend getaway, to go to one of these amazing theme parks. What makes […]

Spas in Germany

For all those who work hard and are almost always hard at work, a spa day every now and then is a great way to relieve some stress as well as to get a little bit of healthy water therapy in. Germany does not have a shortage of spas and thus taking advantage of this […]

Quedlinburg: UNESCO Site and the Birthplace of a Nation

The beautiful Quedlinburg is located in the west region of Saxony Anhalt, Germany. This town is home to many astonishing buildings including grand castles and churches. Its popularity is surging amongst tourists and for all the right reasons. With so many beautiful buildings and amazing architecture to see as well as the fact that it […]