Buying furniture in Innsbruck

When expats move to Innsbruck, many first consider paying the nearest IKEA a visit. However, there is no need for that. While IKEA sure offers great quality and an experience coupled with a decent price, there are plenty of other options for furniture shoppers in Innsbruck. Some of the best options in Innsbruck are listed […]

Buying furniture in Bonn

How soon do you need your furniture? This is one of the questions that you will have to ask yourself before deciding on a furniture store. If you are adamant to furnish your home with the best pieces, ones that you wholeheartedly love and want the furniture that you buy to last you throughout the […]

Buying furniture in Heidelberg

Are you moving to Heidelberg? Congratulations, it’s such a fun and exciting city that’s full of life. One of the things that you can’t forget is that you’ll need to furnish your home. Granted, with all the beauty that the city has to offer, you’re probably wondering why on earth you’ll need to furnish, after […]

Buying furniture in Zürich

Zürich is a wonderful city in Switzerland. With its approximately 370,000 inhabitants, it is the largest city in Switzerland. Every year it gets voted to be one of the cities with the highest living standards in both Europe and the world. Naturally, there are also some brilliant choices when it comes to decorating and furnishing […]

Buying furniture in Paderborn

The shipping times on furniture in Germany can be seen as somewhat as a disaster. Especially when you’re going through a sudden move to Paderborn and are thus faced with the necessity to start from scratch with furnishing a new apartment, the last thing that you’ll want to hear is that it may take months […]

Purchasing Furniture in Berlin

When you make that big move into Berlin as an expatriate, you may not want to deal with the expenses of shipping over furniture, especially on top of all of the costs of relocating. So, once you get in to Berlin, you have the option of buying furniture for your new home. It is fun […]

Buying furniture in Klagenfurt

Finding dream furniture in Klagenfurt While most expats expect that everything is just a little bit closer in Austria then it is in their home country, this isn’t always true for furniture stores. Oftentimes they are located on the outskirts of the cities or in the industrial areas. This usually means that there is quite […]

Buying furniture in Bremen

One of the most frustrating things when buying furniture in Bremen, is the waiting times that you’ll have to endure. It can be quite a downer, going into a store and being ready to purchase on the spot, only to hear that you’ll indeed have to wait 2 weeks to have your items delivered. 2 […]

Buying furniture in Hamburg

The summer in Hamburg is absolutely gorgeous. You’ll perhaps be more than pleasantly surprised if you had showed up in Hamburg during the winter and were able to watch the transition from deadly cold into nice and warm or, at times, scorching hot. Where furniture shopping is concerned, a car should be your number one […]

Buying furniture in Würzburg

Great furniture in Würzburg Würzburg is a beautiful city that represents a dream destination for any expat, as it makes feeling at home easy. However, you will never feel fully at home until your feels like home. The best, easiest and fastest way to achieve that is by furnishing your new home so that it […]

Recommendations for buying furniture in Munich

Having decided on moving to Munich, you’ve most likely gone through the hassle of renting an apartment, finally finding a place that you can call home. The next task comes with filling your apartment with furniture in order to be able to maximize the comfort of your new humble abode. You’ve perhaps already come to […]

Buying furniture in Ludwigshafen

When going furniture shopping in Ludwigshafen you’ll want to take your car with you. It’s no secret that the majority of furniture stores you will find in the region are not exactly centrally located and thus if you don’t live right across the street, you may be looking at long and harsh times enduring bus […]