Working in Germany without speaking German

Because of the language barrier, English speakers may experience some difficulty when trying to find a job in Germany. This however, doesn’t mean that there aren’t jobs available for people who haven’t yet managed to master the German language or for others who are looking at moving to Germany with little or no language experience. Depending […]

EUR 400 Basis – Taking a Mini-job in Germany

In order to gain a work permit in Germany, you need specialized skills and a well-paying job. However, there are some instances when a lower paying job is necessary for some individual. In those situations, Germany offers the EUR 400 Basis jobs, or mini-jobs. Keep in mind; the mini-jobs do not qualify you for a […]

The social security system in Germany

Even though it is likely not in anybody’s best interest to fall into financial disgrace, the German security system is in place to help out in such cases.  Unlike the system in place in other industrialized nations, the German security system is based on a direct redistribution system. This means that social security paid out […]

The Workplace in Germany

The Workplace in Germany When working in Germany it is important to know what taxes as well as other fees you will be obligated to pay. Income tax is the big one. All those who are working in Germany are subjected to income tax. Income tax starts at a little of 8% and rises to […]

Gaining Self-Employment and Starting Your Own Business in Germany

As an expatriate in Germany, it is already difficult to find work. There are strict regulations allowing only those who are highly skilled and educated to earn work permits in Germany. This is because Germany wants to encourage more Germans to integrate themselves into the workforce. So, while you are in Germany, should you decide […]

Applying for a job before moving to Germany.

Whether you are moving to Germany due to your partner’s job or because you desire an exciting change in environment, finding a job in Germany is a great way to both make some extra cash and make good use of the free time you would otherwise have. It’s important to remember that the native language […]

German salaries versus quality of life

Figuring out whether or not the salary you are offered will hinder your quality of life is something that expats are adamant to know before agreeing to a job in Germany. With the conversion rate between the US dollar and the Euro, lots of gray lines are created in this area. Another thing that comes […]