Insurance in Germany; Fast Facts: German Health Insurance

In Germany, health insurance is mandatory. Whether you are on vacation in Germany, residing for a short period of time, or here for the long term, you are required to have health insurance. The main form of health insurance in Germany is the state health insurance which covers the majority of the residence, a significant […]

Health Insurance in Germany

Because it is mandatory to have medical insurance in Germany, this is one of the first things to put on your to do list when you arrive. There are 3 basic options for health insurance. For expats, generally the employer will offer coverage just like in the US. In all cases in Germany you, as […]

Finding an English-Speaking Doctor in Munich

It can be very stressful to have to deal with things like doctors, hospitals, illnesses, waiting rooms, and the like. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that people need to see doctors regularly. To make it easier on yourself, it is ideal to find a doctor who speaks your language. The trouble is, when […]

Supplemental Medical/Health Insurances (Zusatzversicherung) in Germany

Insurance is important because things happen in life that we have no control of and didn’t budget for. Without insurance, life could potentially be a lot more expensive than it already is. This is evident in countries without public healthcare, where citizens may find themselves filing for bankruptcy due to unfortunate events, health conditions that […]

Pharmacies in Germany

Apotheke An Apotheke is a pharmacy. If you’ve been in Germany for a while you’re guaranteed to have seen an Apotheke, even if you weren’t specifically looking for one. Those large signs that proudly hold a bright red letter A are something you can’t miss. This sign isn’t representative of a chain, but rather just […]

International Health Insurance- The Private Health Insurance Alternative in Germany

Those who are privately insured usually fall into two categories. The first group privately insured members of the German society make an excess of 52,000 euros per year, the other group of privately insured are those who are self employed. What a lot of expatriates do not realize is that they can get International Health Insurances and […]

Health and Insurance

Healthcare for Expats in Germany Germany is the wealthiest European country, and just as you would expect of a country holding such status, its health care system is also one of the best. High quality, high tech health care exists at every level of the German healthcare system. Waiting for treatment is not an issue, hospital infections rates […]

Private Health Insurance – Advice and Recommendations

Health insurance can be extremely complicated and confusing, even more so when having to deal with it in a whole new country. The benefits of private health insurance in Germany are better coverage overall and better treatment by the insurance company as well as the doctors and hospital staff. The first step in getting private health insurance […]

In Case of Emergency —Hospitals in Germany

In an ideal world, you would always be blissfully happy, everything would be beautiful, and you would never get hurt. Unfortunately, people do get hurt all the time. So, if it happens to happen to you, you should know what you are going to have to deal with when you have to go to a hospital in […]

English speaking pediatricians in Munich

As a parent, your kids are your world. It’s unfortunate when they get ill and have to go to the doctor. What takes a toll even more on parents is not being able to understand what’s wrong with their child, due to a language barrier between them and the pediatrician. However, with great English speaking […]

Finding Your Ideal Health Insurance in Germany – Public versus Private

Health insurance is extremely important, however, it is also extremely confusing. Here is a minimal overview of the major differences between public and private health insurance coverage in Germany. The costs of the German health care system are high and rising. There have been many recent government reforms to reduce costs and to make hospitals […]

Health Insurance for Unemployed Returnees

Health insurance is mandatory in Germany. The German health care and health insurance systems are designed to benefit each and every resident. There should be no reason why someone would shy away from going to the doctor, or refuse to get treatment when needed. If someone is not eligible to receive public health insurance due […]