Finding the Perfect Apartment or House

There are several ways in which you can find rental housing in Germany. The first thing to note is that furnished apartments and houses are few and far between. These rentals are favored by German locals and are much more expensive than unfurnished options. A great way to find your housing is through online exchanges like ImmobilienScout24. There are also provision-free (no […]

Best Living Options in and Near Walldorf

Top three locations for expats moving to Walldorf Considering Walldorf as your new residence? Discover what one of Europe’s richest towns and its surrounding areas has to offer.   Because life in the city centre can be a tad bit hectic and heavy on your pockets, you may want to contemplate moving somewhere a bit quieter and more down […]

Home Electronics – Munich Stores

When making the decision to buy new home electronics, many aspects come into play. The very first step is of course figuring out what is needed. May it be a new flat screen TV, a microwave or a computer, there are many stores in Munich that offer large varieties of home electronics to their customers. Purchasing electronics […]

Buying Furniture in Germany – Top 5 Reasons Why You Will Hate It

Part of being an expat is of course buying furniture in Germany, and this is the source of woe and nightmare for many. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 5 Reasons Why You Will Hate Buying Furniture in Germany. Read an on enjoy this insider’s knowledge: . Delivery is from 2-6 months when buying furniture in […]

Germany Adventures – 10 Amazing Facts About Munich Germany

Munich is certainly one of the most established and oldest European cities, being the capital of Bavaria and now heralded as the secret capital of Germany. But how well does the average tourist or expat knows the place? Read on the 0 Must Know Facts and be dazzled at how much this city has to […]

Rental Furniture in Germany – the Smart Alternative for Expats

The popularity of rental furniture companies in Germany is rapidly increasing. With places like  Furniture Leasing Corporation  adequately supplying expats furniture and appliance needs, there’s even less of a reason to get tied up buying furniture that you’ll only need for a couple of months. Having access to furniture rental companies means that expatriates can […]

Munich Oktoberfest and More

Munich, the third largest city in Germany, has been attracting expatriates from all over the world with its growing financial and publishing industry.  As one of the fastest growing cities in Germany,Munich has been voted “The World’s Most Livable City”, due to its culture,environment, political-economic stability, and continued investments from multi-national enterprises. From major museums […]

Reasons To Use A Relocation Company

A relocation company can be a valuable asset when you are moving to Germany. They offer many standard services related to moving your household, but also a number of valuable extras that can really make your transition to your new life seamless. Professional relocation companies will find you an apartment or house according to your specifications, negotiate the lease and get […]

Leasing Furniture for Your Home

Why Lease Home Furnishings?  In Germany, the locals prefer unfurnished apartments and houses to the furnished variety. This means that furnished options are extremely limited, hard to find and expensive. You will find that you actually spend less money per month for an unfurnished apartment filled with rental furnishings than you will if you find […]

Exploring and Living in Hanover

Top three locations to check out when you move to Hanover Lower Saxony’s resplendent capital, Hanover, is complemented with numerous green areas, parks and of course, the river Leinewhich flows calmly through the city. With mostly new buildings, due to the after effects of World War II, Hanover has a more modern look to it, […]

Attractions and Living in Karlsruhe

Relocating to Karlsruhe – Germany’s answer to SiliconValley or a sleepy town? Karlsruhe’s reputation is one that lingersaround boredom and lack of excitement but shines when it comes to beauty. Itgoes without saying, that places like Frankfurt and Stuttgart take away a bitof the spotlight that Karlsruhe deserves. With this list of locations, you too will see Karlsruhe in a whole new light: […]

Starting a New Life in Germany

Change is difficult, but sometimes it is necessary. Sometimes things do not go well in life. You make a wrong choice or you fall into some bad luck, and you fall into a hole and it feels like you cannot get out. So, you have to move on, to move forward, and to make a […]