Exchanging a U.S. Driver’s Licenses For a German License

Driving in Germany can be exciting with the cities and beautiful landscapes. However, proper driving licenses are still required but may be simpler to acquire than previously thought. Exchanging a Driver’s License A driver’s license already acquired in one of the nations in the European Union is already accepted as a driver’s license in Germany. There is […]

Will I regret moving to Germany from the U.S.?

Germany is a very beautiful country with a lot to do and see. Granted, there is a difference between vacationing somewhere and moving there. Whether or not you will be happy moving to Germany is dependent on many factors that come into play. The United States is a lot different from Germany in some ways […]

Shipping Furniture From the USA to Germany

American expats are usually left in awe when they hear what it will cost to move their furniture across the ocean and to their new, beautiful German home. It’s nice being able to pack up and move everything with you when you make the decision to change your residence. Especially when you’re moving to a […]

U.S. Expatriates Face Harder Time to get Financial Advice

There is a lot of confusion and there are a lot of questions when it comes to financial dealings for expatriates. The problem lies in the amount of risk involved when looking into investing in Germany. It is quite possible and plausible to invest while living in Germany, the key is to be extremely cautious […]

Watching US TV Shows in Germany

Moving to a new country is exciting, it’s enthralling, and adventurous. You’ll get to see new sights, meet amazing people, try out cuisine you otherwise wouldn’t and take in all the fascinations of a culture so different than your own. In the beginning things are great, they’re absolutely splendid, but then there are the things […]