Dual Citizenship- Germany/United States of America

German citizenship, American citizenship or both? There are a few circumstances under which one may obtain both American and German citizenship. These Include: Being born to an American parent and a German parent Being born in the United States and having a German parent Being born in Germany and having an American parent Being German, […]

Residence Permit in Germany

Germany is such an attractive and well rounded country, no wonder you’d like to spend some time here. If you are however, planning a stay that is longer than the three months permitted without a visa, then you will have to look into getting a residence permit. There are many ways in which this can […]

Aufenhaltstitel electronic residence permit

The electronic residence permit or „elektronischer Aufenthaltstitel“ (eAT) is a document for all people living in Germany who are not EU-citizens. It is the size of a credit card with visual data stored on it as well as data on a chip embedded in the card. Some of the data included on the chip are biometrical pictures […]

Non-EU Residents: Applying for an EU Blue Card to work in Germany

Moving to a new country is big change, and there is a lot to deal with when making that transition. One of the downfalls of such a move is the amount of paperwork that goes with it. Here is a breakdown of the EU Blue Card for foreigners looking to live and work in Germany. What […]

German residency permit renewal

If you are the holder of an Aufenhaltserlaubnis (residence permit), then at some point or another you may need to get your permit renewed. An Aufenhaltserlaubnis is a document that is given to those who are offered a limited stay in Germany. This card is typically given to students, those who are permitted to Germany due to […]