Stay Connected – Internet Communications in Switzerland

Switzerland has strong competition in the telecommunications space. Swiss and International service providers offer residents a fair amount of choice when it comes to Internet and mobile phone packages. In terms of mobile operators, the three major service providers are Swisscom, Sunrise and Orange. All offer a variety of packages available, as both long-term contracts […]

Getting Around Switzerland

The Swiss Public Travel System One of the best qualities of the country is the world-class public transport system in Switzerland. Travelling by train, bus or ship is easier then ever and the system boasts the densest network in the world. You can purchase all in one tickets that allow you access to the whole country […]

Transferring Money to Switzerland

Sending money to Switzerland inefficiently can leave you stung by fees and delays. There are several options available to you. International transactions can be received by any of the 300 Swiss banks and The Post (most offering an online transfer service, too). It’s required by Swiss legislation that all fees and costs involved be declared before […]

Embassies in Switzerland

Moving to Switzerland? If you’re coming from the U.S., you’ll need to go through several procedures before you can take up residence. The most important point here is that you must already have employment lined up before you enter the country. Please be aware that anyone who finds work while visiting as a tourist will […]

Guide to International Schools in Switzerland

One of the most common reasons that people relocate to Switzerland is for their education system. Aside from the local institutions of public and private schools, a large number of highly renowned international schools in Switzerland provide children with an exceptional education opportunity. Foreign students can still continue their home country curriculum in their own native language.  […]

A Renter’s Guide to Zurich

Renting in Switzerland can be a complicated affair for those coming into the country. We’ll quickly look at the basics to help get you started in your search for rented accommodation in Zürich. Zürich is one of the hot spots for working expats in Switzerland. The city also happens to be one of the most expensive […]

Cost of Living – How to Budget in Switzerland

 So you are moving to the land of Swiss banking and you want to make sure you have your budgets worked out and your finances in order. The best way to ensure you stay on track is to know the cost of living in Switzerland. If you are sending your money to Switzerland from your […]

Swiss License and Registration Requirements

Due to the wide geographic diversity of Switzerland, driving around the countryside requires a bit of diligence on the motorist’s part. This is due in part to the ever-changing environments, like that of a small mountain road to a much larger motorway. Because of these environments, the rules concerning driving are often more complicated than in […]