Lyght Living –
Climate-positive delivery and pickup.

Together with our partner PLANTED, we design the delivery and pickup of your furniture in a climate-positive manner. Your furniture rental will thus become even more sustainable in the future without additional costs!

The dream of a climate-positive company

Lyght Living has been pursuing this dream for a long time, and now the time has finally come: From now on, our furniture delivery and pickup service will be 100% climate-positive. *

A holistic, resource-efficient, and sustainable approach has been at the heart of our company ever since the company started. With our circular business model of furniture rental, we are already making a significant contribution.

At the same time, we know that the industry must take further steps toward CO2 neutrality and sustainability. To make this happen, we start where we as furniture rental companies demonstrably emit the most CO2: From our transports!

In cooperation with our partner PLANTED, Lyght Living will, therefore, in the future, support global climate protection projects and promote the protection of the German forest on a regional level.

Together with you, we would like to turn the dream of a climate-positive economy into reality, which is why we continue to work on making our ecological footprint measurable, making a positive contribution for future generations, and preserving our familiar habitat.

* When calculating the emissions emitted, average values are used. As a precaution, more emissions are offset than are arithmetically caused.


How it works

Global climate protection projects compensate for emissions caused by the delivery and pickup of your furniture and create a sustainable positive effect on our planet.

The best part – you don’t need to do anything else!

With every delivery and pickup, the emissions created and our company’s carbon footprint are automatically offset to a greater degree by PLANTED. The result of these efforts: Climate-positive shipments!

For you, this commitment will also be visible. From now on, our order confirmations will contain information on corresponding offsets.

Climate protection without additional costs

By supporting sustainable projects and the climate-positive commitment of our company Lyght Living, there are no additional costs for you.

We believe that climate protection should never be done at the end user’s expense. This aspect is particularly important to us, so we always avoid placing an additional burden on our customers.

Would you like to get involved and contribute to PLANTED climate protection projects independently as a private person? Our partner, PLANTED, also offers you the chance to leave a climate-positive CO2 footprint. You can find more information here.

mixed forest projects

PLANTED uses the power of the forest to fight the advancing climate crisis and to counteract CO2 emissions at an early stage.

In regional projects, climate-stable mixed forests are planted in a targeted manner, which sustainably protects the ecosystem against the effects of climate change and extreme weather events.

In addition to many other mixed forest projects, PLANTED supports the preservation of forests in the Frankfurt (Taunus) and Wiesbaden regions, among others.

In addition, in cooperation with universities and institutes and social youth initiatives, new knowledge is collected, and social promotion of society is pursued.

Here you can learn more about Germany’s climate-positive reforestation of mixed forests.

climate protection projects

PLANTED promotes global climate protection projects and contributes to reducing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere.

With exciting projects in the field of renewable energy, access to clean water, or the restoration of nature reserves, PLANTED makes a worldwide contribution to local populations on a social, economic, and ecological level.

This is always done in compliance with clear quality standards and projects officially recognized by the federal government, such as wind power projects in India and Thailand, hydropower plants in Chile and Indonesia, and solar energy expansion in Mexico.

Here you can learn more about our partner, PLANTED’s worldwide climate protection projects.

Rent furniture and protect our planet sustainably

Would you like to take advantage of our furniture rental service and make a positive contribution to climate protection at the same time?

Contact us now without obligation and secure all the advantages of renting your furniture. Together we will find the right package for you. We look forward to hearing from you.