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Square Ceiling Lamp

To finish your room with a modern touch and brighten the space, get this elegant ceiling lamp. White and made of gypsum, steel and glass for durability that lasts. Product type: Ceiling Lamp Color: White Material: Gypsum, steel, and glass Measures: 32x19x32cm

Lunis Ceiling Lamp

Eye-catching ceiling light fixture. Modern and functional design. Titanium-like metal finish. Product type: Ceiling Lamp Color: Titanium Material: Metall Measures: 25,5x7x9,5 cm

LED Ceiling Lamp

Easy to mount ceiling lamp. Cream color gives off a warm glow in any room. Product type: Ceiling light Dimension: 33 x 33 x 4.8 cm

Gips Wall Lamp

Easy-to-mount ceiling lamp brings a modern touch to any space. Minimalistic design. White color and durable metal construction. Product type: Ceiling lamp Color: White Material: Metal Measures: 10x10x10cm

Ceiling lamp Forssa

With its unique design the Forssa lamp is bound to draw attention to it. Just like a flower it will lighten up any room with its soft light. Material: Plastic Color: Traffic white Dimensions: 53x 53 cm

Ceiling Lamp

Simple, round ceiling lamp. White fabric shade. Product type: Ceiling Lamp Color: White Material: Fabric shade Measures: 30 x 30 x 11 cm