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White LED Floor Lamp

This dimmable floor lamp is a versatile lighting element that offers a wide range of lighting possibilities with a brightness of 1800 lumens. Whether you want to read, write, study or sew, this lamp provides the right light for your needs. It is ideal for use in living rooms, bedrooms, dormitories, offices and other spaces. […]

Reality Standing Floor Lamp

Modern-looking floor lamp. One standing light illuminates the whole room. With an adjustable arm to focus another light where you need it. Silver color. Product type: Floor lamp Colour: Silver Material: Metal Dimensions: 180x28cm

Montpellier Floor Lamp

Add a warm glow to any room with this beautiful floor lamp. Small 14cm by 14cm footprint allows for a fit in any sized room. Product type: Floor lamp Material: Metal Measures: 14x14x120 cm

Buckle Head Black Floor Lamp

This designer floor lamp is an eye at your facility. They are cool, rugged and designed with an industrial look and therefore very popular. Material: Iron base with black or white textured finish. Color: Black Measurements: H 150 cm