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White LED Floor Lamp

This dimmable floor lamp is a versatile lighting element that offers a wide range of lighting possibilities with a brightness of 1800 lumens. Whether you want to read, write, study or sew, this lamp provides the right light for your needs. It is ideal for use in living rooms, bedrooms, dormitories, offices and other spaces. […]

Simon Floor Lamp

Minimalist and modern designed floor lamp. Small base so this lamp will fit in any sized room. Product type: Floor lamp Colour: White Material: Metal Dimensions: 122x30x166cm

Metal Bow Brass Floor Lamp

Metal Bow Brass Floor Lamp [Stehleuchte] Zeitlos und geschmackvoll: Diese Stehleuchte ist ein echter Eyecatcher. Neben technischen Features, wie dem schwenkbaren Lampenschirm und der verstellbaren Höhe, punktet sie mit ihrem sleeken Look, der zu wirklich jedem Einrichtungsstil passt English translation: Timeless and tasteful: this floor lamp is a real eye-catcher. In addition to technical features, […]

Leaf Floor Lamp

Offbeat and fresh floor lamp with a postmodern design. Silver metallic frame and a marble base. Product type: Floor lamp Color: Metallic Material: Metal frame, marble base Measures: H. 185 cm

Hajo Black Floor Lamp

Timeless and tasteful, this elegant floor lamp is fancy yet effortlessly fits different spaces. Color: Black Material: Metal Dimensions: 55x 25x 135 cm  

Floor Lamp Metal Bow Black...

Experience a timeless floor lamp in elegant black. This lamp creates a modern atmosphere and integrates effortlessly into different interior styles. The simple black colour gives the floor lamp a stylish elegance and adds a decorative accent to your living space.

Buckle Head Floor Lamp

This designer floor lamp is an eye at your facility. They are cool, rugged and designed with an industrial look and therefore very popular. Material: Iron base with black or white textured finish. Color: Black Measurements: H 150 cm