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Bathroom Package

The bathroom set includes a selection of high quality products that will completely equip your bathroom. It includes 4 toilet paper rolls, 2 new soaps, a cosmetic garbage can, a soap dispenser, a soap holder, a toothbrush container, a toothbrush cup and a toilet brush holder with a toilet brush. These items provide comfort, hygiene […]

Bath Mat

Gray chenille bath mat. Avoid hazardous slip-and-fall accidents that happen on a wet bathroom floor. 80 x 50 cm area fits in any bathroom. Product type: Bath mat colour: Grey Material: Chenille Dimensions: 80 cm x 50 cm

2-Piece Towel Set

Set of two, 100% cotton towels (dryer safe) with decorative double border. Measurements: - 1 bath towel: 70x 140 cm - 1 towel: 50x 100 cm