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Duvet and Pillow Set

Rent a duvet and pillow set and stay flexible Let our warm and comfortable comforter set envelop you at night. With this comforter and pillow set, you are prepared for every season. Made of simple material in the cover and filling and can be used all year round.   Details Color: White   Dimensions Duvet: […]

Cleaning Set

Cleaning Set with microfiber cover and bucket with power press.

Antique Standing Mirror

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Antique Standing Mirror

Rent an antique stand-up mirror and stay flexible Before you leave the house, why not take another look at this stand-up mirror? Slim dimensions mean this will fit in any room, large or small. White frame adds light accents without distracting from the true beauty: You!   Details Color: White Material: wood   Dimensions 39 […]


Clothes Drying Rack

Foldable drying rack. Collapses neatly for storage. Expands to hold whatever wet or damp clothes needing to be air-dried. Material: Aluminium  

Steam Iron

Rent a steam iron and stay flexible Want crease-free clothes? No problem with this steam iron, which has adjustable heat and steam settings.   Details Color: Blue and white   Our scope of service Includes delivery and installation for a worry-free start. Flexible purchase option Exchange service if you don’t like it* Free takeover after […]