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Seaford TV Lowboard

This TV lowboard is a real powerhouse. With its two closed storage spaces and drawer, it is perfectly optimized for keeping the TV corner tidy. The middle niche, which is equipped with a cable gland, will accommodate the box or game console. Color: Black, Brown Material: wood, steel Dimensions: 140 x 40 x 45 cm

Riva TV Lowboard

Low-profile TV platform for your high-tech television. Open shelf for DVD player, game system, or soundbar. Closed-door shelving to store games, movies, etc. Product type: TV bench Color: Brown Material: Oak Measures: 171x43x47 cm

Oak TV Lowboard

Low-profile bench/stand for your flatscreen TV. Natural oak finish with beautiful woodgrain. Rustic flair with contemporary design. Color: Brown Material: Oak Measures: 171x 43x 31 cm

Elise TV lowboard brown ACT

A trustworthy platform for your television. Natural woodgrain goes great with any decor. Strong and stable materials. Product type: TV-Lowboard Color: Brown Material: Oak Measures: L: 180 W: 45 H: 46 cm