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Kids Room Package


We are pleased to present you our comprehensive package for an inviting children’s room. The package includes a high quality 90×200 cm box spring bed that will allow your child to sleep comfortably and restfully. The bed not only provides ample space for relaxation, but also a stable and safe sleeping environment.

In addition to the box spring bed, the package includes a practical nightstand. This not only provides space for important items such as books or a night lamp, but is also a stylish element that contributes to the overall decor of the child’s room. A matching table lamp is also included in the package to provide pleasant lighting at the bedside.

To help your child neatly store their clothes and personal belongings, we also offer a dresser. With several spacious drawers, the dresser provides ample space for clothes, toys or other things that your child would like to have at hand.

To provide you with the best possible comfort, a high-quality mattress is already included in the package.


Box spring bed 90×200 cm
Side table 24x50x34 cm
chest of drawers 90x87x43 cm

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