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When expats move to Europe for work, many resort to IKEA as the one best known choice when it comes to furniture. While IKEA is surely not a bad option that offers great quality and designs among other great features, there are plenty of other choices to go furniture shopping Sankt Pölten. However, when you go furniture shopping for your new home, be aware that you may encounter some language related barriers. IT isn’t always easy to get all of the information that you may want from a sales person who doesn’t speak sufficient English. If you want to make sure that your questions are answered, bring somebody who can translate for you. That way you will know exactly what you buy or sign up for. In order for you to have the most pleasant furniture shopping experience possible, here are some of the great locations you could visit:

Kika Sankt Pölten

Going shopping at Kika Sankt Pölten will give you the kind of pleasant shopping experience that you have been looking for. It is fun young and vibrant store that has all of the pretty things to offer that a young and hip apartment needs. You will never have to feel uncomfortable going shopping at Kika Sankt Pölten, while having the chance to pick up many of the things you were looking for.

kika Sankt-Pölten

Phone: 02742/74535

Porschestraße 7, 300 St. Pölten

[email protected]

Leiner Sankt Pölten

Some people believe that furniture shopping is a task and a necessity that doesn’t represent a fun experience. The managers of Leitner Sankt Pölten surely disagree with that statement. The nice, large and meticulously organized store is all about ambience and style that it can bring to your living room, bedroom and even patio.

Leiner St. Pölten

Phone: 02742/330-0

300 St. Pölten, Rathausplatz 7-0

[email protected]

XXXLutz St. Pölten

If you are one that wants both value and quality from the furniture that you purchase then XXXLUTZ St. Pölten is the right destination for you. With many amazing offers at all times, you can find just about anything from decorative accessories to kitchenware next to the furniture at XXXLUTZ St Pölten.


Phone: +43-(0)50-24-0

Linzer Straße 52
300 St. Pölten

[email protected]


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