International Schools in Düsseldorf

Finding the perfect school for your child is sometimes a difficult task, especially when you’re not quite sure where to start looking. Having moved to Germany, parents often have the concern that their children will not integrate well into the German school system. The basis of this argument more often than not, lies on the language. Parents of children who have been raised in an English speaking country, and have had no exposure to the German language, often worry that their children won’t be able to live up to their true potential because of the change in language. It is important, however, to remember that children, especially the younger ones are quick to pick up on a new language, usually at a faster rate than adults. Another concern is that when the child does start to learn German, they may forget English altogether. There is a solution for this. International schools offer bilingual programs where students are taught in both English and German, usually by native speakers of each language. This ensures that the child, one doesn’t fall behind due to the introduction of a new language, and two, learns the new language rather rapidly.

The International School of Düsseldorf offers a great English-German bilingual  program. With over one thousand children representing fifty different nations, The International School of Düsseldorf peaks in diversity. This a great place to have your child grow in a society that promotes culture awareness.

Other facts about ISD include:

–        open to students from 4-8 years of age.

–        200 staff members for 000 students, meaning the class sizes are relatively small.

–        International Baccalaureate Program

–        Teachers from 2 different nations

–        Modern, well maintained buildings

–        Sports are an important part of the curriculum

–        non-profit. All the tuition goes back into the school, ensuring that the students get the highest education in the best environment possible

–        only non-profit international institution in Düsseldorf

International School Düsseldorf is a great place to get your child’s education kick-started once in Germany. They take pride in their facilities and with the friendly atmosphere, children develop a high comfort level rather rapidly. Security guards are always present on the school premises in order to ensure the utmost security for students.

Visit the school’s website to get more information or to set up a meeting to view the property and possibly get your child registered.

Bears and Books International Kindergarten is available for the little ones between 3 and 6 years old. The environment at Bears and Books is exceptional, friendly teachers, a beautiful premises and garden. The school focuses more on the English Language, with only one day out of the school week being dedicated to German. The curriculum is set to provide for each individual students needs. Due to its small size, Bears and Books International Kindergarten only accepts 8 new students per year.  Children who are 5 or older, are able to take advantage of the Pre-Reading and Math programs.


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