Southwest Germany- Baden Württemburg

With a population of 0.7 million people, .3 million being foreigners, Baden Württemburg is the third largest, of the 6 federal states in German. It’s beauty is incomparable. Home to places like the Black Forest, Lake Constance, the Hohenzollern Castle, and the Mercedes Benz Museum, Baden Württemburg is a popular destination for tourists looking to experience German culture, learn a little about the history, and fill their cameras with photographs of exceptional sights.

When planning a trip to Baden Württemburg, here are some places you can’t afford to miss.

The Black Forest.

If you enjoy the sweet decadence of Black Forest cake, you’ll enjoy visiting the namesake of this savory treat even more. As opposed to popular belief, the Black Forest isn’t black at all, in fact it primarily consists of pine and fir trees and is therefore rather green. While strolling through the mountain range, perched upon layers and layers of sandstone, look out for the giant earthworm, as this is the only place on this entire planet that you’ll be able to spot them in their natural habitat. And before you head home, don’t forget to pick up the traditional Black Forest souvenir, a cuckoo clock.


Baden Württemburg is home to many beautiful castles, where lots of interesting history has been made. On your visit, be sure to check out one, two or as many of these castles you can fit into your schedule. Traveling down Burgenstrasse or Castle Road will give you the experience of a lifetime. Your journey will be filled with flashbacks of a past you couldn’t have imagined until now. With over 70 beautiful castles and  other noted historical architecture you’ll feel like you’re driving into a whole new era of time.

Theme Parks

Everyone in the family will appreciate taking the day out to ride all the rides they can while enjoying, cotton candy and succulent roasted nuts. Three of the most popular parks in this area of Germany include: Europa-Park, Erlebnispark Tripsdrill and Ravenburger Spieleland.

Europa-Park is the second largest theme park in all of Europe. The park is home to roller coasters and lots more rides waiting to be enjoyed by the entire family. During the summer months, there’s more going on than one can keep up with. The most popular event, however, is the Midsummer Party where an extravagant display of fireworks lights up the sky. For this event, the park is open until midnight, so that visitors have more time to enjoy themselves for longer.

If you’re one that seeks a thrill, consider visiting Europa-Park in October for Horror Nights where you’ll be sure to get a scare or two walking through all the creepy mazes they have set up to keep you on your toes.

When planning a visit to Baden-Württemburg, ensure that your GPS is fully functional and your hotel room has already been booked. There’s so much to see here that you’ll need a couple days in order to soak it all in and you can’t afford to waste time getting lost.


Saskia Petz

Tanja Traut

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