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About us

We began leasing furniture in 2011 with sofas, desks & chairs and were expanding step by step. Sustainable and healthy growth is still important to us in order to remain agile and to be able to adapt the company to new circumstances.

Individual service with sustainable furnishing

Nowadays, we are specialized in an integrated resource-efficient furnishing of living and working spaces. From landlords, administrators, real estate agents, diplomats, expatriates to relocators, staff-housing managers, or even students, you can find personalized furniture leasing for almost every situation with a flexible rental period. Renting furniture from 4 weeks to up to 4 years — easy, fast, and individual, adapted to every life situation.

We are as flexible as your life is. 

Work spaces are living spaces

Well arranged and furnished working spaces sustainably contribute to the well-being of colleagues in their working space and promote efficiency and innovation within a company. Work spaces in today’s world contribute even more to motivation and form the breeding ground for a corporate culture shaped by values. That is how working spaces become actual living spaces. This aspect is gaining more importance during the current pandemic since employees are no longer spending time in the office daily. Concepts have to be flexible, individual and tailored to immediate needs. 

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local experts

You can find us in the heart of Germany – very close by the financial metropolitan area of Frankfurt.

Beyond that, you can find our furnishings in other offices and different locations in the DACH-region. We have successfully managed over 5,000 furnishing projects in Europe. Always with the aim of making the temporary furnishing of apartments, houses, employee apartments and office spaces in a sustainable way by supporting the flexible lifestyle of our customers.

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