13 Things to Know Before You Move to Germany

Moving to another Country is such an exciting prospect that you might forget about getting to know the country you are about to move to deeply before hopping on a plane. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of 3 things to know before you move to Germany to make preparing for your stay here a breeze.

Learning to Speak German is a Feat in Itself

This should not be a surprise, as Germans would often joke that speaking German is a feat for themselves as well. What you have learned in language class may not prepare you enough for what you’ll face once you’ve made the move to Germany. Don’t fret though, it will be easier as you immerse yourself in the culture and the people.

Brace Yourself for the Sky High Taxes in Germany

To give you an idea how high the taxes are, you will probably make the same money working only half a day compared to working the full day with overtime. All the other earnings may just go into taxes. In fact, having a walk-in closet is taxed in Germany!

Getting an Apartment in Germany Involves Having Super Powers

This is one thing you really have to be prepared for even months before you move to Germany. In many cases, you need to look for an apartment months up to a year before your actual move to Germany.

German Paperwork Takes Forever

Not only that, but Germans love their paperwork. If you are going to cancel something that requires paperwork, be prepared to allocate months.

Germany is Teeming with Bakeries, Sausages, and Yes, Beer

Food lovers will love moving to Germany. You can get freshly baked breads and pastries everywhere, be overwhelmed by the variety of sausages, and yes, learn to drink beer with every meal. You will also learn that beer is on the same league as water, its just that you don’t bathe in it.

High Heels Are Out in Germany

If you love your high heels or if you love seeing women in high heels, then you might have to sacrifice that when you move to Germany. You see, the place is riddled with cobblestones, stairs, and other things which makes wearing high heels an accident risk and a health hazard.

Recycling in Germany is a National Sport that Requires a PhD

Everyone is concerned about recycling and takes it really seriously. When you move to Germany, you will basically get a PhD in recycling and get very fit while at it, considering the amount of mental muscles you need to exercise just to keep up with all the recycling. Maybe recycling is the training ground Germans use that’s why so many of them are super smart. Don’t you think so?

Buying Furniture Can Be Quite an Ordeal in Germany

Because of the paperwork and the taxes, and because everything else is simply different when you move to Germany, buying furniture takes a very long time. We are talking months of sleeping on the floor while waiting for your bed, and yes, this really happens.

German Stores Don’t Have Baggers, It’s a Bag Your Own Purchase Zone

Oh such a culture shock for most expats! You see, when you move to Germany, you will become an expert bagger with the ability to bag your purchases at the speed of light. If you are anything slower, you will get the stare of death from the cashier and from all the other people next in the grocery line to you.

There is No Such Thing as One Stop Shopping in Germany

When you move to Germany, expect to visit a few stores just to get ingredients for your dinner. There is a certain store for almost every category of item and often times a store will only carry certain brands or certain items. Not only that, but they are all usually closed on Sundays.

Germany Will Make You Fall In-Love with Asparagus

And you have no choice in this matter. Once a year, there is a period where asparagus invades Germany just like Beer for Oktoberfest. If you absolutely hate asparagus, you will be at risk of starvation around May when Spargel Season arrives, so you see, you have to fall in love with it.

Water is taken on a Whole New Level in Germany

Germans love sparkling water. Drinking tap water is considered a sin, and if you ask your hostess for water, don’t be surprised when it served to you fancy style!

You Need James Bond Level Driving Skills to Drive Around in Germany

Driving becomes a sport when you move to Germany. You need to learn how to have uncanny alertness to whiz around all the parked cars in narrow roads and to be constantly aware of the cyclists which can come from all directions. You will surely develop a sixth sense becoming an expert driver around here!

Being an expat is really fun, especially with a country like this Teutonic powerhouse to explore. Now that you’ve read all of this, you are now on your way to be very prepared to move to Germany! Who knows, you might even come up with your own list of must-knows for anyone wanting to explore this land.


Saskia Petz

Tanja Traut

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