15 Awesome Facts You Did Not Know About Germany

There are so many awesome facts that any foreigner, expat or not needs to know about Germany before visiting or moving into this Teutonic territory. Ranging from funny trivia to really awesome facts, arming yourself with knowledge about this German must-knows would surely make your stay or visit in Germany more meaningful. So read on and dig in the list of the 5 Awesome Facts You Did Not Know About Germany:

Fact # – Premature Birthday Wishes is Bad Luck in Germany

When in Germany, you have to do as the Germans do, and that means not greeting someone a happy birthday unless the clock has at least striked midnight on the day of their birth. When done early, don’t be surprised to get a snarl or a frown instead of a smile from your German friend, as greeting too early is akin to wishing them bad luck.

Fact # 2 – In Germany, When a Family Moves, Their Kitchen Moves Too

Yes, one of the facts about Germany is that the kitchen is part of the family belongings, not a part of the house. Germans are known to strip the whole kitchen (including the sink!) when moving houses.

Fact # 3: FKK Started in Germany

There are no prudes in Germany, only weird prudish foreigners (that’s you!). This means by going to the beach, you should at least be prepared to go naked (or receive weird stares when you remain clothed).

Fact # 4: Stores are Closed on Sundays in Germany

Sundays are usually the days when stores everywhere else in the world gets the most sales, but not in Germany. So if you are a tourist or an expat, one of the first lessons you’ll face about Germany is that there are no shopping to be done on a Sunday, and yes, that can include groceries.

Fact # 5: People Tell Time Differently in Germany

This is something which can be a predicament for first time visitors, as they may think that the Germans are misleading them when telling the time. The fact is, Germans tell time differently. When a German says Half One, the actual time is 2:30, not :30. Germans usually say the minutes before the hour, so ‘half one’ actually means ‘half an hour to one’ or 2:30.

Fact # 6: In Germany, Oktoberfest Starts in September

This is one of the facts about Germany which you might want to keep in mind when you want to enjoy all the best beers in the world. Be there in September and follow the feast to October. Would be a great trivia to impress your buddies with too.

Fact # 7: There are More Than 300 Types of Bread in Germany

Although known as the land of beers and sausages, one of the facts about Germany is that it has a lot of selection for the bread connoisseur as well. This only seems logical, since a good sausage needs a good bread plus some beer to wash it all down.

Fact # 8 – There are More Than ,000 Types of Sausages in Germany

No wonder the Germans are known for their sausages (pun intended).

Fact # 9 – There are Food Museums in Germany

If you want to know more about German food, visiting a food museum should be on your list of must see while in Germany. You will get to know all the German gastronomic delights in an intellectual and yummy manner in just one place, it’s a win-win!

Fact # 0 – Germany is the First Country to Adapt Daylight Saving Time

Germans are always on time! They are even the first to be on time! No wonder they are so precise.

Fact # : You have to Raise One Thumb to Order One Beer in Germany

Instead of the index finger, it is actually the thumb you need to raise if you want to get more beer. So practice raising your thumb before you head for Oktoberfest!

Fact # 2 – The Largest Train Station in Europe is in Berlin Germany

Which means that if you have the paperwork part already done, you can visit many countries in Europe via train from the Berlin station. Cheap and fun travel the old fashioned way.

Fact # 3 – Denial of the Holocaust is a Crime in Germany

The holocaust no doubt is a heart-breaking event, but if you are up to committing ‘a crime’ for the sake of bragging rights, just deny it ever happened when you are in Germany. Make sure to not do this in public though, as this is a very serious matter.

Fact # 4 – In Germany, Most Taxis are Mercedez

The great thing about Germany is that, when roaming around as a tourist or an expat, you’ll often find yourself riding a Mercedez cab, something you can brag about at home and tell everyone that you were always riding a Mercedez when you were in Germany. Just make sure to leave out the fact that it is just a cab.

Fact # 5 – Germany has the Most Number of Soccer Fan Clubs

Well, Germans do have the psychic soccer octopus, so it is not a surprise that Germany also have the most number of soccer fan clubs than any other country in the world.

Now that you know 5 of the most awesome facts about Germany, you may want to add to this list by discovering for yourself the other fun trivia and facts about Germany. Enjoy your German adventures!


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