3 Reasons Why Shipping Your Furniture to Germany is a Horrible Mistake

Being an expat is a great experience, especially if you are relocating in a country as colourful and as rich as Germany. However, moving abroad comes with its own set of problems, from finding that elusive apartment up to furnishing your new place. This is why a lot of individuals would often want to bring with them their furniture, but is it worth it? Find out here why shipping your furniture to Germany is a horrible mistake.

Reason # – Room Sizes are Usually Small

Okay, this is something which everyone will not often consider. Room sizes in Germany is smaller than the typical rooms in say, North America. This can come as a shock because Germany is a first world country and yet typical furniture pieces like a bed, a nightstand, dressers and other typical bedroom furniture pieces may not all fit in a German bedroom. In regards to this, rooms usually do not have built in cabinets, so if you are going to add a closet and some cabinets in the mix, it is going to be very crowded indeed.

Reason # 2 – Linens and Other Accompaniments are Sized Differently

Can you imagine getting your big bed all the way to Germany only to have trouble finding linen or sheets for it? How about getting just the bed frame and not being able to find the right size mattress? The woes related to this can go on and on.

Reason # 3 – Shipping Your Furniture to Germany Can Be Expensive

It is true that as an expat, the tax may not be much for items which are your personal effects, but this is only limited to one-time shipping of such items. Other than that and you will have to pay the very expensive shipping fees. More so, getting your furniture inside your new German apartment may become another big problem as you might need to hire another company to help you bring in your furniture if it can’t get through the stairs or the hallway.

Shipping your furniture to Germany can be a great option if you already know where you are going to stay and which furniture you should take, but to avoid all the nightmarish scenarios above, you may opt to lease furniture in your stay, or simply rent a furnished apartment. Living in style does not need to come with an epic headache and a huge dent on your wallet.


Saskia Petz

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