A Guide to Germany’s Wine District

Germany offers some of the most decadent wines in the world. Taking a trip to the wine districts in Germany is definitely worth a trip. Apart from being able to expand your palate and experience the sensational delight of sweet wines creating a firework of aroma for your taste buds, visiting the wine districts will open up your eyes to an extravagant array of beauty. With a galore of castles and manors, exceptional landscaping, the beauty of these areas never ceases to amaze. People travel far and wide to join in on the festivity created by the hundreds of Weinfests hosted in these regions. Within close proximity to cities such as Frankfurt, Cologne, and Stuttgart, taking a day trip is easy for people residing within these areas. Plan your  visit for the spring time or during the summer months in order to combat the bad weather conditions and intense cold that the winter may bring. You’ll be able to stroll around in the open air and take it all in without jeopardizing your comfort.

The wine festivals are not only known for their splendid selection of extraordinary wines, but also provide a fun filled atmosphere and fine cuisine. You’ll be able to soak in the music, move your body to the beat and sample the variety of available wines, while appeasing your appetite with savory treats. The firework displays and parades add to the enjoyable atmosphere, making your trip more than worthwhile.

The top three Vineyards:

Above all, holding true to its reputation of brilliance is Mosel-Saar-Ruwer. The windy roads known to this area add to the adventure, giving you somewhat of a workout while exploring. Producing some of the greatest and most renowned white wines in the country, there’s no room for disappointment when visiting Mosel-Saar Ruwer.

Rheingau proudly hosts beautiful scenery of the river and valley which one can observe over a glass or two of wine while comfortable relaxing on the monastery terrace. The availability of cable cars, allow for a breathtaking view of the vineyards.

The Rheinhesse. Hop on a ferry and stroll calmly across the river to this beautiful area known for the abundance of wine it produces. Here, you’ll be introduced to wonderful views of grand medieval castles that render you speechless with each sight.

You’ll without a doubt be blown away by the beauty of these exceptional vineyards. Whether you are a wine lover or not, it’s definitely worth your while. Such extraordinary views and history tucked away in some of the most beautiful areas in Germany, will have you leaving your trip with a fulfillment you never imagined possible. Be sure to bring your camera and an extra battery or two, because there will be no holding back when it comes to capturing the artistry and charm of these wonderful places. It won’t be just a trip, it’ll be an experience like no other. The vineyards boast a perfection that combines mother nature and history in ways you’ve never seen before. 


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