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Talkline is a cellphone  service provider located in Germany. They offer a wide range of cellphones as well as a variation of cellphone contract options to their customers. At first glance, the pricing of talklines contracts seem rather reasonable and are often favoured to a number of the more popular providers in Germany. However, there are certain conditions under which these ‘favoured’ prices are attainable and a level of stress may arise with trying to keep your money in your pocket rather than spending it on your new talkline contract.

A large number of expatriates who have opted for talkline as their cellphone service provider have experienced some form of disappointment in terms of not only the customer service offered by talkline but they have also had issues with the contract they had signed. This enforces the point on how imperative it is to know what you are signing before you sign it. Ensure that you have read and understood everything that the contract obtains as attempting to terminate contracts in Germany very often go unwarranted. In accordance to talkline, those who have experienced dismay would agree that if something seems too good to be true then it more than likely is indeed too good to be true. The primary issue with the talkline service customers complain about are the ‘surprise’ costs popping up on their bill every now and again. The underlying issue here is that talkline offers a number of features that carry a cost and are not taken into consideration by the customers upon the signing of their contract. So where one may be of the assumption that the first few months of their talkline contract is free of cost, they very easily become overwhelmed when they receive a bill that boasts a ridiculous figure.

Waiting too long to cancel your contract.

If your talkline contract isn’t canceled within the right time frame it can very easily run for another twelve to twenty four months. At this point, the free months that you were offered will have run out and you will not only be required to pay a high, fixed monthly bill but also any other costs accumulated by certain features that are added to your plan. Expats have expressed extreme difficulty when it comes to getting rid of the features which they may not even use, and thus end up stuck with the costs.

The point that the customer service is far from being on the side of the customer speaks volumes. With long wait times in order to get through to someone and not having the issue resolved when a representative is finally available, disgruntles customers even more.

How to avoid situations like these:

Do thorough research, speak to friends and colleagues about the contracts available and see if perhaps they have a suggestion that suits you well. Understand every contract you receive. Know exactly what is expected of you before you sign it. If your German isn’t adequate enough to understand the entire contract, get help from someone who can explain it to you in your native language. 


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