Attractions and Living in Karlsruhe

Relocating to Karlsruhe – Germany’s answer to SiliconValley or a sleepy town?

Karlsruhe’s reputation is one that lingersaround boredom and lack of excitement but shines when it comes to beauty. Itgoes without saying, that places like Frankfurt and Stuttgart take away a bitof the spotlight that Karlsruhe deserves.

With this list of locations, you too will see Karlsruhe in a whole new light:

Watch this video and experience the beauty Karlsruhe has to offer.

Karlsruhe is a place for everybody. In addition to being home to a variety of renowned universities, Karlsruhe has numerous research facilities as well as high tech companies. Known as the internet capital of Germany, this delightful city is a combination of innovation, history and beauty.

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Places like France, Mannheim, the Black Forest and Stuttgart are pretty much in Karlsruhe’s backyard. Vacationing has never been so easy. With less than an hour’s drive to each of these places, you’ll be able to experience new and exciting locations in an instant.

For those  who like to venture out in the night and take in the entertainment aspect of the new city they call home, there are clubs and pubs galore. Though these spots aren’t as abundant as those in cities like Frankfurt, there is indeed a wide selection to choose from. Whatever your taste in music you’ll find something that gets your feet tapping to the tunes.

Avoid being one of the unfortunate expats who found themselves getting stuck in the wrong neighborhood simply because they found an affordable furnished home.  Wouldn’t you rather base your new quarters on its surroundings, rather than its contents?  

Once you’ve settled in, make time to explore Karlsruhe (Germany’s “fan city”) and all it has to offer.  Here are just a few ideas:

·     Karlsruhe Palace: Erected in75, it lies at the heart of beautiful Karlsruhe.

·     Botanical Gardens: Home to40,000 different plants from all over the world.  Perfect for picnics,reading, or just exploring its newest Greenhouses.

·     Market Square and the Pyramid:  Full of history, this architectural beauty provides hours of true sightseeing.

·     Zoological City Gardens:Part zoo, part themed-gardens.  Plants and animal lovers alike will truly enjoy this spot!

Do you have other suggestions for your fellow expats?  Join the conversation!


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