Aufenhaltstitel electronic residence permit

The electronic residence permit or „elektronischer Aufenthaltstitel“ (eAT) is a document for all people living in Germany who are not EU-citizens. It is the size of a credit card with visual data stored on it as well as data on a chip embedded in the card. Some of the data included on the chip are biometrical pictures of the owner as well as finger prints. On the stof September 20 the eAT replaced the stickers that were previously glued into the passports of the people holding residence permits.

The front side of the eAT consists of the following information:

  • A biometric photograph
  • The 9 digit document number
  • First and last names of the holder
  • The expiration date if it is not unconditional
  • Place of issue
  • The date of the first day of validity
  • Whether it is a “Niederlassungserlaubnis” or an “Aufenthaltserlaubnis”
  • The number of the corresponding passport
  • Expiration date of the corresponding passport
  • Whether or not the holder is permitted to work in Germany
  • The signature of the card holder

The back side of the eAT consists of the following information:

  • The place the card holder was born
  • The date the card holder was born
  • The sex of the card holder
  • The nationality of the card holder
  • The height in cm of the card holder
  • The eye color of the card holder
  • The residence of the card holder
  • The authority that issued the ID

How much does the new electronic residence permit cost?

In previous years, the cost of the electronic residence permit was a mere  50 – 60 Euros in comparison to the new prices which lie between 00 and 0 Euros. The change of the address on the permit, however, is still free of charge.

What advantages does the electronic residence permit provide?

It can serve as a form of identification for immigrants. Non EU-citizens living in Germany can now bring this easy to store ID card and therefore do not have to carry their passport wherever. Another advantage of the electronic residence permit is the online identification feature. When the holder of the card decides to use the service prior to the issuing of the card, he or she is provided with a pin. This pin in combination with the ID card can be used for online identification for services which require the verification of personal data such as address and other data. This feature can come in handy, especially for those who do a lot of online business. 


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