Austria’s TV Guide

Over recent decades, television has seen incredible changes. In the age of technology there are now numerous options for viewing pleasure. Austria is no exception to these changes, with file sharing and streaming sites now taking over. Expats will likely find that TV in Austria is not the same as their home country, especially considering that most TV stations are entirely in German. However, watching television in German is a great way to pick up phrases and learn the language.  

The main Television provider in Austria is Osterreichischer Rudfunk (ORF), which is based in Vienna and consists of two main channels. Cable and satellite TV are available, as well as commercial and German channels. There is an annual fee for having a television licence and costs vary between areas. The average cost per year is around €250 for a standard license.  

If you are a sports enthusiast, Sky Austria has over 200 channels, but you will need a satellite dish for this option. Some apartment buildings come with this option, but you may need to buy the dish if not. The costs associated with satellite television can be pricey, depending on the package you choose and whether you need the dish.

Most expats utilize the World Wide Web for their Television needs and therefore, an internet connection is essential. Online streaming is the new wave of entertainment and websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime are some of the leading companies that provide this service. You can purchase devices such as an Apple TV or Chrome-cast, which allow you to view your streaming websites on your television via a wifi connection. These are a great option if you want to watch shows or movies on a screen larger then your computer and create a normal television viewing experience.


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