Best Burger Restaurants in Frankfurt

Everyone loves a big juicy burger that drips with deliciousness as you bite in. There are some things that people crave when they leave home, burgers are one of them. Being able to find a place that competes with that one place at home that makes the ‘best’ burgers is something people find a little difficult. But there’s no need to spend your time in Frankfurt searching for that perfect burger and coming up empty handed. There are tons of places in this beautiful city that will leave your appetite for  a decadent burger satisfied, your taste buds pleased, your stomach full, and your wallet not much lighter. So get your bibs out, and your stomachs growling and prepare yourselves for a list of spectacular burger joints that will make you miss home just a little less.

Frankfurt’s awesome burger spots:

Die Kuh die lacht

Did someone say decadent? These mouthwatering burgers will have you licking your fingers long after your meal is done. With prices that start at 4 euros, this is a very affordable place that brings both quality and affordability to the table. To top things all off, you’ll be able to dress up your burger with whatever you want as they have a wide selection of toppings available. Excellent service, a chilled atmosphere, great food, there’s not much more one needs when dining out.

Chillers- American Sports bar and Restaurant

Sports, chicken wings, french fries, burgers and a large beer. If you’re missing the United States even for a minute. Plan a visit to Chillers. The ambiance is on point, and you’ll almost forget that the language around you is German, though the waiters are very willing to converse in English. This place offers a touch of home for Americans, and when you bite into that burger, and experience the richness and the burst of flavours, you’ll forget for a minute where you are. Located at the airport, it’s the perfect place to grab your favourite food once you’ve gotten off that long flight and your hunger starts to set in.

Chicago Meat Packers

Are you looking for a place that serves large portions at a very reasonable price? That would be Chicago Meat Packers. Here, they really do pack in the meat, and everything else. You will not leave hungry, and you also won’t leave displeased. Some expats consider their burgers the best that they’ve tasted. For between 0 and 2 euros, you’ll get a meal that consists of a mouth watering burger, perfectly cooked and salted french fries and awesome coleslaw. The ambiance, coupled with the friendly staff and amazing food will leave you thankful that you found this place.

Other recommended Burger restaurants in Frankfurt include:

  • Heroes Burgers
  • Heidi und Paul
  • Fletcher’s Better Burger
  • Luna Burger
  • Chalet Multi Lounge
  • New York Burger

There are quite a few great places. If you’re someone who enjoys eating out, it would definitely be worth trying them all and deciding on your own personal favourite. 


Saskia Petz

Tanja Traut

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