Best Living Options in and Near Walldorf

Top three locations for expats moving to Walldorf

Considering Walldorf as your new residence? Discover what one of Europe’s richest towns and its surrounding areas has to offer.  

Because life in the city centre can be a tad bit hectic and heavy on your pockets, you may want to contemplate moving somewhere a bit quieter and more down to earth. Heidelberg, Wiesloch and Bruchsal are a few of the towns surrounding Walldorf that offer a tremendous quality of life.


Heidelberg is best known for its tech industry, and therefore consists largely of young professionals and students.  With a variety of restaurants and cafes as well as a dynamic nightlife, nothing is inaccessible when living in Heidelberg. Here, big city life is adequately complemented with true German culture, giving you the best of both worlds.


Home to many SAP employees and their families,Wiesloch is within close proximity to SAP, as well as numerous other multi-national companies. Equipped with great neighborhoods, the surrounding towns of Wiesloch are prime locations for expatriates and their families to call home.


Bruchsal is the furthest of the surrounding cities, about a 20-minute drive to Walldorf. Not only does this city provide its residents with affordable accommodation, but also a rich history with historic buildings dating back to the 950’s. Migrants planning extended trips can take advantage of the language school in order to brush up on their German language skills.

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