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You walk into a furniture store filled to the brim with excitement, you call over a representative to get more information on the product you just can’t keep your eyes off only to realize that your English goes over the representative’s head. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that when in Germany, German is important. In order to prepare for the case where you’ll need information in a language that you 00% comprehend, it may be wise to have a German friend or colleague tag along and assist you with the communication. Buying furniture should be simply, however, there may be bits that are a bit more complicated than you would have hoped and thus understanding what the representatives are saying will be of dire importance.

Information that you’ll need may include:

–        Delivery times on select pieces of furniture

–        What payment plans are available

–        The cost of delivery

–        Restrictions on returning products

With that said, Bergisch Gladbach has an abundance of furniture stores that you should check out if you have relocated to the region.

These include but are not limited to:

Möbel Lenz: Affordability meets high quality. Bedroom sets, bathroom furniture, living room items and also kitchens. Provided you are still shopping around for a home in  Bergisch Gladbach, it’s important to know that there is the possibility that the place that wows you does not come with a kitchen. In that case, knowing Möbel Lenz is a great place to look for a spanking new kitchen.


Phone: 0 22 02 / 9 55 75 – 0

Address: Paffrather Straße 29-297, 5469 Bergisch Gladbach

Email Address: [email protected]

Höffner: This particular one is rather famous amongst the German community and thus, you may stumble across this option quite frequently. Rather than just letting it pass over your mind, you might want to take a look at what they have to offer. At Höffner you have got your one stop shop for all furniture pieces and also decorations.


Phone: : (02205) 730

Address:  Auf der Grefenfurt 5, Am Königsforst 5503 Rösrath


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