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‘Where should I go to buy furniture in Berlin?’  The answer that you’ll typically hear is, ‘Lets go to Ikea!’ Now, where as Ikea is great, with the ambiance, their little cafe and all, it’s by no means your only option. Ikea is something that a lot of expats get wheeled into due to brand recognition and of course, the wonderful billboards they have every where. But Berlin does have excellent furniture stores so if you’re not keen on getting into the hustle and bustle of Ikea, there are quite a few options waiting for you, from high end with high end prices to great quality with affordable prices.

Let’s take a look at Möbel Hübner for example. The pieces that you will find in this particular store are astonishing. If you are searching for quality products that will last years on end, then this is the place you’ll find them. Wonderful designer furniture, hard wood dining tables, bedrooms, they’ve got it all. However, quality comes with a price, and  Möbel Hübner may be a true reflection of that. But don’t let that stop you, check out the furniture that they have to offer, they’ve often got special offers as well as rewards that you can earn by shopping with them and when all is calculated, the price may not be as drastically high as you would imagine.


Phone: 030 / 254 05-0

Address: Genthiner Straße 4 0785 Berlin-Tiergarten

Email: [email protected]

Another option you have in Berlin is Möbeltown 24. Amazing beds, upholstered to perfection, dining tables and other tidbits is what you’ll find in their store. Where price is concerned, they are very affordable, and when looking at the quality of their products you’ll be happy to know that the majority of their products are made in Germany.


Phone: +49 (0) 30 83 2 83 39

Address: Turiner Straße 25 3347 Berlin

Email Address: [email protected]

Rahaus is also worth taking a look at. They have got everything you need for each room in your home, and also your patio and garden at very reasonable prices. From traditional pieces to unique designs and of course, antiques, you’ll definitely be able to get some individuality in your home when you shop at Rahaus.


Phone:  030 2803800

Address: Ringstr. 30-42 205 Berlin

Email Address: [email protected]


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