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Many expats who move to Bern for the first time are not aware how many options there are when it comes to furniture shopping. Trying to get the house furnished, many resort to the first one in sight and end up getting furniture that they may not even fully like. As you should be able to feel comfortable in your home, you should find the furniture that perfectly suits you. Be aware though, as most furniture stores are located on the outskirts of the city, you will likely have to take a car in order to reach your destination. So that you can have a first impression of the furniture shopping opportunities in Bern, here are some of the stores that you can choose from:

Möbelhalle Bern

This beautiful furniture store titles itself “Dream Factory” among other things. As the name suggests, the store has some of the most beautiful design pieces to offer that one could wish for for his or her new home. Though rather prices, the furniture sold at the Möbelhalle Bern is of great quality and will last for many years to come.

Möbelhalle Bern AG

Phone: 03 330 8 00

Römerweg 5, 303 Bern

[email protected]

Micasa Migros

The Micasa Migros stores are known all over Switzerland for their great variety and quality. One of the great advantages that this furniture store has to offer is the choice between rather pricey objects and those that even people on limited budgets can effort. When you go on a trip to Micasa Migros you will be able to see a lot of different styles at very different prices. This makes this furniture store a great place for those people who aren’t really sure about their wish list and budget yet.

Micasa Migros

Phone: 058 567 66 00

Wankdorffeldstrasse 90, 304 Bern

[email protected]

Möbel Pfister

The chain of furniture stores that goes by the name Möbel Pfister is greatly appreciated and loved all over Switzerland. With great quality and decent prices, the style of the furniture sold at Möbel Pfister reminds somewhat of IKEA, making it a great choice for all of those who like IKEA’s style but want to try something different.

Möbel Pfister

Phone: 03 390 90 90

Schauplatzgasse 33
30 Bern

[email protected]


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