Buying furniture in Biel-Bienne

Having to wait for something that you really want to have is rather frustrating. However, many expats have to make the experience that shopping for furniture in Biel-Bienne may hold exactly that in stock for them. Many furniture stores have delivery times for furniture of up to 2 weeks, a time that can seem like forever when you are waiting for a couch. You may also encounter the problem that not all sales personnel speak English as well as you may expect it. Bring somebody who can translate for you and you won’t have to struggle trying to voice your interest with difficult hand motions. Both of these possibly problems aside, there are still some great furniture stores in Biel-Bienne that are definitely worth a visit. Here they are:

Kauer Trend Möbelmarkt

Here you will be able to find all of the trendiest pieces of furniture that will make your home look like it was designed by a fabulous interior designer. You will find living room TV sets as well as great stylish dining room sets that will make the food taste even better. IF you are looking to be at the pulse of time then this furniture store is the right option for you.

Kauer trend Möbelmarkt AG

Phone: +4 32 344 97 97

Längfeldweg 20
2504 Biel/Bienne

[email protected]

Wohncenter 2000

The furniture store Wohncenter 2000 offers exactly what its name suggests. Here you can find great furniture that is as contemporary as it gets. As one of the few stores that also offers kitchens, you can find just about everything that you will need when it comes to furniture at this one great address.

Wohncenter 2000 AG

Phone: 032 322 2 6

Murtenstrasse 28
2502 Biel-Bienne

[email protected]

Möbel-Discount Kauer Möbel

This lower price version of the aforementioned furniture store KAuer Möbel is the perfect option for those with a more limited budget. Here you can find great looking pieces that may not be of as great of quality, but still very good looking. The perfect store for those not looking to use the bought furniture forever.

möbel-discount c/o Kauer Möbel Discount AG

Phone: +4 32 385 2 88

Industriering Nord 8  ·  3250 Lyss

[email protected]


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