Buying furniture in Dornbirn

Furniture shopping isn’t always fun, but generally always an experience to remember. In order to make your next furniture shopping trip a pleasure, you should definitely remember a few things as an expat in Dornbirn. Not everybody will be able to speak English with you. While that is fine when you are planning on purchasing a beer or maybe even a dress, it can be detrimental when you are furniture shopping. You will likely want to receive some in depth information about the piece that you are considering buying. If you get unlucky, you may end up having a sales representative who hardly or doesn’t speak English. If you want to avoid any and all misunderstandings, bring somebody who can interpret for you. However, here are some of the best furniture stores in Dornbirn that will help you have a pleasant shopping experience.

Mömax Dornbirn

Mömax is a beautiful furniture store to start your shopping trip with. Here you can find gorgeous pieces of furniture that are cheap, as well as those that are rather pricey. Here you can get a first idea of what you are looking at during the process.

mömax Dornbirn

Phone: +43-50111-870-0

Schwefel 95
6850 Dornbirn

[email protected]

Möbelix Dornbirn

When it comes to scoring furniture for cheap, Möbelix Dornbirn is the right address for you. They have great looking pieces for sensational prices that may just blow your mind. Make sure to stop by Möbelix to see if you can score a bargain.

Möbelix Dornbirn

Phone: +43-50111-934-0

Schwefel 78
6850 Dornbirn

[email protected]

Kika Dornbirn

If you are looking for furniture that can do the stretch between well priced and quality then Kika is the location for you. Here shopping is made easy with a great atmosphere and many amazing products besides furniture for your new home.

Kika Dornbrin

Phone: 05572/51616

Josef-Ganahl-Straße 1, 6850 Dornbirn

[email protected]


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