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Furniture hunting is such a rush at times. Why? Because when you’re looking for furniture that may mean that you’ve done something spectacular like move to Dresden. A new city can be so hard but so exciting to conquer and at times we do need all the help we can get. For instance, we need to know where to put what piece of trash, what restaurants are great, and of course, where to head to, in order to affordably furnish our wonderful new homes.

The following list will provide you with a few great options in Dresden. Be sure to ask about the delivery times that they have in place because one of the things you’ll want to either prepare for or avoid all together is something that’s very typical with furniture stores in Dresden, 12 week shipping.

Möbel Roething

Some products at Möbel Roething may be a bit on the pricey side, but based on their quality, if you are looking for items that will last, this is the place to shop.

Phone: 0351-47896-0

Address: Räcknitzhöhe 76, 01217 Dresden

Email: [email protected]

Multi Möbel.

With lots of freebies and promotions, you’ll likely come across something great like free shipping when shopping at Multi Möbel.

Phone: 03 51 / 27 20 69-0

Address: 01219 DresdenReicker Str. 60 (at Otto-Dix-Center)

Email: [email protected]

Möbel Kraft

This is one of the big furniture chains in Germany and a popular one amongst not only locals but expats as well.

Phone: 0351-418451

Address: Rudolf-Walther-Str. 1 01156 Dresden

Email: [email protected]

When visiting these locations you may want to consider going in car rather than taking public transportation. The first reason being that if you find something that you’d like to buy, it will be a lot easier to transport, the second reason being that these places aren’t easily accessible by public transportation.


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