Buying furniture in Geneva

Going furniture shopping in Geneva

While furniture shopping is never easy, due to all of the choices that most of the furniture stores have to offer to their customers, many expats encounter yet another problem when they go hunting for great furniture in Geneva. Located in the French part of Switzerland, Geneva is a city with rich history and great shopping areas for both locals and tourists. When expats go shopping, however, there is often the problem that many of the sales personnel in the store don’t speak much English. While this isn’t as much of a problem when you are looking to buy a t-shirt, it will likely turn into one when you are looking for quality furniture for your home and you are forced to ask some questions about a product. Nevertheless, this is no reason to run straight to IKEA and buy the next piece of self assemble furniture for your home office, Geneva has some great furniture stores to offer that are definitely worth the trip.

Finding the pieces of furniture that best suit you

Furniture shopping is very intimate. You need to find the pieces that best suit you and that will make you feel at home in a country that you previously only knew from documentaries on TV. The furniture store Pfister will definitely get you closer to your dream furniture. With many different styles stocked at any time, you will find pieces for every season and even every kind of mood set. Micasa Carouge and JYSK in Geneva are also great choices for everybody who likes beautiful furniture. Here you can find great pieces for your living room, dining room, bed room and even for your garden at fair prices that makes passing up on some of the beautiful pieces even more difficult.

If you would like to visit the furniture stores mentioned above, here are the addresses for you:

Pfister Genf-Meyrin

Phone: 022 989 85 00

Chemin de Riantbosson, 7
27 Meyrin

[email protected]

Micasa Carouge – La Praille Mparc

Phone: 022 307 20 70

Avenue Vibert 32
227 Carouge GE

[email protected]

JYSK in Geneva

Phone:  022 3380600

Promenade de l´Europe
Centre commercial Planète Charmilles
203 Genève

[email protected]


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