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One of the most dreaded things when it comes to finding furniture in Germany, is the wait that usually accompanies it. Having found a piece that you would love to incorporate into your new Inglostadt apartment, it can be very discouraging hearing, “This will take about 2 weeks to get to you”. While this is something that is very common in German, those who are just making their way into the society may have their eyes opened in shock for a few minutes before things start settling in. Twelve weeks for furniture to get to you, are they kidding? They must be, right? Actually, they’re not, the problem that you may come across is that quite a few stores only house the products that you see in the showroom. Upon purchase, the company will have to get the furniture from their supplier.

It may sound like a tragedy, after all, twelve weeks is a really long time. However, with viable options like furniture leasing and proper planning and preparation, 2 weeks isn’t all that long, especially not where furniture that you just ‘must have’ is concerned.

Though many stores do take a while to ship items to the buyers, it’s not always the case and thus finding out from the store is the best way to determine in which cases it’s true and which one’s its not. Who knows, you may get a lucky streak where all the stores you come across have the products you want on hand.

Not sure where to look for furniture in Inglostadt? Here are a few options that have got great pieces for your home:

Möbelhof- medium to expensive

Phone:  08450/9244-0


Address: Am Hochfeldweg 6 8505 Ingolstadt

Email: [email protected]

Chuster Home Company- medium

Phone: 084 – 67095


Address: Heinkelstraße

85053 Ingolstadt

Email: [email protected]

Kramer Einrichtung- expensive

Phone: +49 (0)84 623390


Address: Steinheilstraße D-85053 Ingolstadt

Email: [email protected]


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