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When expats move to Innsbruck, many first consider paying the nearest IKEA a visit. However, there is no need for that. While IKEA sure offers great quality and an experience coupled with a decent price, there are plenty of other options for furniture shoppers in Innsbruck. Some of the best options in Innsbruck are listed below. When you go on your furniture shopping trip, you should definitely make sure that you have somebody with you who can translate for you. Even though most people speak at least a little bit of English, there is no guarantee that the sales person that you will encounter will be fluent enough to answer all of the questions that you may have.

Möbelhaus Leiner

This great furniture store that is part of a large chain that has stores throughout Austria is worth the visit no matter what your budget looks like. Möbelhaus Leiner offers great individual pieces of furniture, as well as sets that will make you fall in love. When you are on your way to go do some furniture shopping, make sure that you don’t leave out Möbelhaus Leiner.

Möbelhaus Leiner

Phone: 052/9025

6020 Innsbruck/Amras, Grabenweg 60

[email protected]

Kika Innsbruck

Furnishing your new home in a foreign country is important if you want to feel comfortable in a hurry. At Kika Innsbruck you will encounter a great variety of styles, both in sets and as unique pieces. This makes it easy to find a unique style for your new place.

Kika Innsbruck

Phone: 052/2404

Siemensstraße 25, 6063 Innsbruck/Rum

[email protected]

XXXLUTZ Innsbruck

XXXLUTZ Innsbruck is part of a larger chain that can be found throughout Austria. They are decently priced while featuring good quality. They also have very nice promotions that may just help you make a bargain on your next furniture purchase.


Phone: +43-(0)50-0-0

Siemensstraße 37
6063 Innsbruck/Neu Rum

[email protected]


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Tanja Traut

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