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When furniture shopping in Karlsruhe, the first thing that may come to mind for many is Ikea. This Swedish store is quite the sensation in Germany, and thus is one of the most mentioned when asked about furniture store. However, in the case that you aren’t looking to buy into the craze or you’d simply like to explore a bit further, then you’re in luck because Karlsruhe does indeed house a multitude of exquisite furniture stores where you’ll be sure to fill your home with all the wonderful and comfortable pieces that you intended upon your move to Karlsruhe.

Ikea is by far, not your only option when thinking about shopping for furniture. The other locations in Karlsruhe such as XXXL Shop, Roter Punkt and Neumaier Einrichtung offer a wide variety of furnishing options. In these stores, you can find anything from modern chic to unique and individual pieces. Where price is concerned, Roller would perhaps be on the lower end where as the other two stores are still very affordable but a bid pricier, with Neumaier Einrichtung leaning closer to the expensive category.

They are all worth taking a look at and because of the varied price ranges, you’ll be able to shop around and see which stores really do fit your budget. Ikea is known for their low prices, as is XXXL Shop and thus if you really are hunting for a bargain you want to weigh your options to ensure that you get the best deal out there.

The contact information for XXXL Shop, Roter Punkt and Neumaier Einrichtung are as follows:

Neumaier Einrichtung

Phone:  072 / 570 452-0


Address: Carl-Metz-Str.

D-7685 Karlsruhe

Email: [email protected]

Roter Punkt

Phone: 07 2) 2 85 78


Address: Amalienstrasse 25

7633 Karlsruhe

Email: [email protected]


Phone: +49-72-6096-0


Address: Durlacher Allee 09

7637 KarlsruheDurlacher Allee 09

Email: [email protected]


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