Buying furniture in Kassel

When shopping for furniture in Kassel, it is important to keep in mind that many furniture stores have long shipping times. Anywhere from 3-2 weeks isn’t strange for a German furniture store to have your items shipped to you and in many cases, 2 weeks is the typical time frame.

To avoid having your comfort disrupted or the beginning of your stay in Kassel unpleasant, you want to ensure that you plan ahead. Will you be staying in a hotel until you find an apartment? Have you already found an apartment but are waiting for your lease to start? Do you already have an apartment and are actively looking to furnish. These are just a few of the questions you will have to ask yourself in order to determine just how long you can wait for your furniture to be delivered.

In the case that you are flexible and can stick out the long delivery times, then the options that you will have to furnish your home, will indeed be wider. If not, then you will want to communicate this with the stores that you are planning on purchasing through, to ensure that you will be able to get your items on time. If not, you may want to consider renting furniture from a furniture rental company until your items are delivered.

Amongst the wide variety of stores in Kassel are Jr Möbel, Wohn Fabrik, Möbel Schaumann.  The prices in these furniture stores range from inexpensive to medium and medium to expensive. Knowing your budget will also be essential when choosing a furniture store.

Information for the above mentioned furniture stores :

Jr. Möbel

Phone: 056 / 9853-20


Address: Druseltalstr. B

343 Kassel

Email: [email protected]

Wohn Fabrik

Phone: 056 – 7399983


Address: Erzberger Strasse 3 a

347 Kassel

Email: [email protected]

Möbel Schaumann

Phone: 056 94880


Address: Knorrstraße 23


Email: [email protected]


Saskia Petz

Tanja Traut

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