Buying furniture in Lucerne

One of the biggest differences that expats living in Lucerne encounter when they go shopping for furniture are the waiting times that some stores have. While you may be used to going to a furniture store in your home country, picking any piece and bringing it home, there may be long waiting times of up to 2 months on certain items and sets. Nevertheless, there are some great stores in the greater Lucerne area that will allow any expat to find the pieces of furniture that he likes in order to turn his new house into the home he is looking for.

Design Style

At Wohnidee-Luzern as well as at Buchwalder-Linder you can find some of the best looking designer pieces that will make every house or apartment look as if it was handcrafted by a decorated interior designer. You will be able to find bedroom and living room furniture that will make your eyes light up and your visitors cringe in jealousy. You should, however, be aware that your quest to find the furniture that best fits your new home may have a few language barriers along the way. All sales personnel at the stores that you are going to visit may not be able to speak English well enough to answer all of the questions that you may have. In order to avoid buying the cat in the bag, bring your own interpreter, who can help you get your points across.

Great quality and great deals

At Möbel Märki Dierikon Luzern, you will be able to find furniture that offers great prices as well as great quality. You will surely be able to find one or the other piece that will make it extremely hard to walk away from, while saving your budget as well. At Möbel Märki Dierikon Luzer, you will be able to find great special offers as well as regular weekly deals that will make you smile.

At these addresses you can find and contact the furniture stores mentioned above:

Wohnidee Luzern AG

Phone:04 40 37 27

Metzgerrainle 6
6004 Luzern

[email protected]

Buchwalder-Linder AG

Phone: 04 4 08 08

Mühlenplatz 2 /Zöpfli 2
6000 Luzern 7

[email protected]


Phone: 04 450 55 55

Industriestrasse , 6036 Dierikon-Lucerne


Saskia Petz

Tanja Traut

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