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Yes, Oldenburg does have a lot of furniture stores. You’re probably surprised to hear this statement considering Ikea seems to be all the rage in this city. However, it is true. Though many of the smaller stores are overshadowed by Ikea’s enormity, they do indeed still exists and they’re not just a secret that the locals keep hidden, they’re available for you to take advantage of too.

Möbel Weirauch is just one of the options you have for furniture shopping in Oldenburg. Here, you won’t just be able to find furniture for one room in your home, because they’ve got stock that can complete each and every room you’re in need of conquering. Fair prices for the smaller budget is also something that you’ll be able to appreciate when shopping at Möbel Weirauch. Their telephone number is: 04 4 / 93 05 0, you can also check out their website at www.moebel-weirauch.deor visit them at Stiekelkamp 9+5, 2625 Oldenburg/Ofenerdiek. Email address: [email protected]

Trendwende Einrichten is another option for furniture stores. Another great thing about this particular store is that they offer a wide range of textiles which means you’ll only have to make on stop to get your bed and also your bedding. Their information is as follows:

Phone:  +49 (44) 9834030


Address: Alexanderstr. 9

262 Oldenburg

Email: ed.nethcirnie-ednewdnert@ofni

Have you heard of Tejo? It’s about time you did. This store will give Ikea a run for its money every day of the week. So in the case that you’re looking for high quality products at a reasonable price, then this is a great place to be.

Phone:0436 – 506790


Address: Kieler Chaussee 8

23758 Oldenburg

Email:  [email protected]

Take the time out to explore the options that you have in order to ensure that you really are making the best financial decision. Once you’re through purchasing furniture and filling up your home, you’ll be happy to know that you’ve got lots left in your wallet to enjoy the city you’ve now relocated to.


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